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Hong Kong Parkinson's Disease Association

Address : Ground Floor, Wang Lai House, Wang Tau Hom Estate, Kowloon
Tel : 2337 2292
Fax : 2337 2203
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Donation :
The HKPDA is a registered charitable organization, where its source of income solely relies on membership subscriptions and external donations. The printing and postage of quarterly Newsletter "柏之訊" is one of the major recurring expenditures of the Association. In addition, our services have covered the hiring of “Rehabus” for PD members with movement difficulties so as to facilitate participation of social gatherings. Such and other expenditures have incurred crucial financial burden on the Association. To ensure the continuity of providing regular services and for extending our scope of services needed by PD patients, your generous donations to the HKPDA is much appreciated.

Donation Method :

1. Direct Bank-in to Hang Seng Bank account (357-544402-883) or

2. Crossed cheque payable to “Hong Kong Parkinson's Disease Association”
Please send us the bank pay-in slip or crossed cheque together with your contact details at the back / the completed Donation Form.

Address :
Hong Kong Parkinson's Disease Association,
Ground Floor, Wang Lai House,
Wang Tau Hom Estate, Kowloon


Membership :
The Hong Kong Parkinson’s Disease Association is a self-help organization formed by a group of Parkinson’s disease patients, their families, carers and community members. It has been registered as an independent society and non-profit making organization in 1998. Further, it has been incorporated as a limited company in 2010.

Membership Category :

1. Full member (Annual subscription: HK$50)

2. Affiliate member (Annual subscription: HK$50)

3. Life member (One-off payment of subscription: HK$300)

For subscription or renewal of membership, please deposit the payment to Hang Seng Bank account (357-544402-883) or send us the crossed cheque payable to "Hong Kong Parkinson's Disease Association” together with your subscription form and name of subscriber at the back of the bank-in slip or cheque.

For Full members and Affiliate members who attained Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA), are privileged to pay HK$1 for subscription and renewal of annual membership, subject to provision of valid certification of CSSA.

* Note: The HKPDA reserves the right of approval of any subscription and termination of membership whenever considered as necessary and proper.