The Advisors List(2021-2023)


The 6th (2021-2023) Executive Committee

Permanent Honorary President : Dr. Leong Che Hung  
Honorary President : Dr. Gilbert Hung  
Chairperson : Ms. Winnie Chan  
Vice-Chairperson (Internal): Ms. Larra Chung  
Vice-Chairperson (External): Ms. Connie Wong  
Treasurer : Mr. P.S Yeung  
Vice-Treasurer : Mr. K.S. Wong  
Secretary : Mr. T.S. Chong  
Vice-Secretary : Ms. P.S. Fung  

Committee Member (Caring) :

Ms. K.K. Lau  
Committee Member (Recreation) : Mr. C.W. Hang  
Committee Member : Mr. C.M. Wong  
Committee Member : Mr. K.W. Chu  












Scope of services

Medical Talk

Enhancing the knowledge of the disease


Patient Visitation

Promoting the mutual care and concern through home visits


Self-help Exercise Class

Facilitating the development of the exercise habit


Recreational Activities

Enriching the social life of the patients and carers


Quarterly Newsletter

Providing updated information of the HKPDA, activities and sharing of members’ experiences


Community Education Programs

Promoting the public awareness on the disease


Self-help Mutual Aid Group

Sharing the problems as well as the solutions







Past events

愛心太極操2010 2009年聖誕聚餐 義工嘉許禮


日本友好到訪2009 昂坪360一日遊2009 第二屆柏金遜症